I have to tell you that I have a great pa-pow-pow!  You know: buttocks, backside, bottom or whatever else you’d like to call it.

Growing up I never appreciated what I had.  I spent years hiding it under sweaters and bagging clothing.  I would consciously make an effort to stand with my back towards a wall or at least where there would be as small an audience as possible.   Then as I got older my pa-pow still bothered me, but not anymore!

I never knew that one’s bottom could actually sag (I have a pa-pow-pow, others have bottoms). I had heard stories of this happening.   I had seen hints of it too in what I thought were women wearing ill-fitted trousers.  I had no clue what was going on beneath all that.

A few weeks ago I came face to face with the truth.  I was in the change room at the gym grabbing my things to head home in time to get ready for work (remember, I’m hauling myself out of bed at 5:15a.m. most mornings).  Suddenly I heard the voices of women around the corner laughing at something or the other, and being the nosy thing that I am I walked over to eaves drop (as if you haven’t done this!).

I didn’t hear a word of what they said because my eyes were suddenly assault by what they saw: a saggy, wrinkly bottom!  Until that moment, I swear to you that I have never seen one of those in my life.  My mother once told me she’d seen one at the gym, and now here was I years later being similarly victimized.

Why in the hell wasn’t this woman covered up?!  Hello-hi (these two words must be said together quickly to get the proper effect)!!!  Why???  I am all for being body proud, but b’JEYSUS, this woman had no need!  Her body was not qualified to be flaunted about in public.

The site of this woman left me in shock as I drove home.  I kept wondering if this was to also be my fate as I am entering my fourth decade after all.  I have too much going on in the backside area not to be concerned.  And how would I cope if this ‘drop’ happened to me … would I need a bra-ass?!  Do such things even exist???

I eventually calmed down realizing that it isn’t likely my stuff would sag.  Afterall,  I have a PA-POW-POW.

Before anyone starts moaning about these things happening with age, just stop before you start.  My gorgeous mother was in her sixties when she passed away.  Mom had a hot little body and I can tell you that her bottom was as perky the day she left this world as when she entered.

So, I am glad to say that I have transitioned from a little girl who was embarrassed  by her ample backside, into a young woman who accepted it as something she couldn’t change.  Finally, I am now a grown woman who is in love with her firm, perky, smooth and ample PA-POW-POW!!!

Laters & G’Night,