Do you remember the times when growing up when you wanted to do something because all the cool kids were doing it?   And do you remember your parents’ reaction and how they’d ‘explain’ to you which roof you lived under?  Well, I could have used a talking to like that about two weeks ago.

Once again, my friend M was at the centre of this story (you remember her from the exercise class right?).   M had convinced me and a few of the other girls that we should get together after work for a movie night.  The film started at about 10:05 p.m.  Well, with great confidence, I was among the first to respond to the invitation, saying with all certainty that I would be there.  I would be awake and alert enough to sit through a two hour movie that started at just after 10:00pm on a Friday evening despite the fact that I would be working until 6p.m. that day — an hour longer than usual.

What in the heck was I thinking?  I can tell you what I was thinking:  “No worries, it’s a Friday night so no work Saturday morning!” as well as, “No children or significant other to keep me company on a Friday night, so why not!” and finally “I’m still young!”

The first points I can still stand by, but it is the last one where my personal reality was distorted.  For some reason I keep forgetting that looking and being twenty-something a very, very different things.   Had I kept that in mind, I wouldn’t have forgotten the Seven P’s of Life.

I first heard about the Seven P’s years ago while watching a talk show.  They were profiling successful business men, and this one man stood up to explain that his father told him these seven P’s when he was about ten or twelve years old and it was this that spurred him on to great success.

Well, here are they are:


I’m pretty certain that this wise man never thought his words would be interpreted the way I have done, but they still hold true and would have helped me a lot that Friday.

1.       PROPER …  Suggesting an earlier showtime would have been the proper thing to do;


2.       PRIOR …   I should have snuck out of work a few minute early  that Friday in order to prepare for the movie;


3.       PREPARATION … Taking a nap before (aka `prior to`) the movie is what I should have done to make sure I would be stay awake for the movie;


4.       PREVENTS … A nap after work would allow me to avoid  (aka `prevents`) falling asleep during the movie;


                                       5.       PISS                             6. POOR                       7. PERFORMANCE

I can summarize numbers 5 – 7 by simply saying that because I failed to do numbers 1 – 4, I fell asleep on my couch about an hour after I got home from work.  I woke up sometime after 11pm in a panic that I was going to be late for the movie (ha!) and wondering why there was a pool of dribble on my arm (especially as I live alone).

Needless to say I never made it to the movie that night.

Yes, I still look like I`m in my twenties, but every so often my body gently reminds me I`m nearly 40.   So, to protect myself from my delusions of youth and to keep up with the cool kids, I`m going to have to follow those 7 P`s!

With that said, it`s my bedtime.

Laters & Good Night,