M: “Ladies, remember: 10 minutes each in the shower.”

That was the only rule for the road trip (other than ‘if you plan to be a miserable wench, stay home’). With four women sharing a single hotel with only one bathroom, you need rules to make sure there isn’t a breakdown of order.

So after a day of shopping at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Detroit (if you haven’t been there, you need to go) we headed to our home away from home to get ready for dinner. M, KP, AU and I all worked with the efficiency of a navy seal team. We readied our personal etceteras that would be needed; got into the shower; washed with efficiency; exited the shower drying what we had to and air-drying the rest. There was no room for diva-bathroom-hogging on this trip! You showered, came out and shared the mirror.

After we had each finished our personal preparation I have to say we look HOT!!!! I don’t know how we did it but each of our outfits complimented the others and all without planning.

Now let me explain why we looked so good: it was down to the B&Bs – BUBBIES & BAM-BAMS! If you don’t know what each of these words refers to, I will tell you now that the dictionary won’t be of any help to you!

Most people believe that B&Bs belonging to the20-something set looks better. They look firmer, perkier. Okay, I’ll agree. However, most young women in their 20s don’t know how to properly present the B&B. They put it all out there on display leaving little to imagination.
Now B&Bs belonging to the 40-something set like me and the ladies, looks much better. We’re mindful of what we eat, exercise and wear bras that provide proper support (yes, proper bra support is important). We also understand that not everything that is in style is necessarily going to be our style. And for that reason alone – LAWD AH MUSSY!!! – WE LOOKED GREAT WHEN WE STEPPED OUT!!!!

So, we took our hot selves to a nice restaurant (Ocean Prime Restaurant, again in Troy, Michigan). The menu was pricey. I was ready to be upset thinking, “if they think they’re going to charge me $X’s and bring out a large plate with a spec of something called ‘my dinner’ in the middle of it, I’m going to act out tonight.” All I will say is that the good people at Ocean Prime presented me with the largest shrimp I have ever seen in my life.

I ate one shrimp after the other. Each large mouthful accompanied by some linguine. I started to feel a bit stressed. Could I finish enough of the food on my plate to make it worth the cost? I shovelled on and made my way through. When the waiter came by later to ask if we’d like to see the desert menu, I knew right then that we were dealing with a sadist. Where the heck did he think we were going to put more food?

As we drove back to the hotel I was feeling as content as a baby. My tummy was full, I’d finished a nice glass of wine and best of all, I had a nice bed waiting for me (and, yes, my bed clothes were laid out on the bed before we left!).
I still don’t remember too much between the time we got back to our room and when we woke up the next morning. But, what did stick with me was a feeling of pure happiness. I had had a great day before.


Then would you believe the conversation between M and KP later that morning as we were about to leave the hotel:

M: “When we got back to the hotel, did you see those guys at the bar checking us out when we walked through the lobby?”
KP: “We should have gone over to talk to them…why didn’t we”
AU: “What guys? I don’t remember them… I remember seeing the Patels…”

I don’t remember any of that. What I remember is feeling very happy, content and satisfied for having had such a great weekend with my friends.

That is all I’m going to tell you about the road trip… at least for now. You know what comes next: say it with me…

Laters & G’Night,

Mantha Baby