“That will be $10.45,” she said with a smile.

I responded by opening my wallet and handing her $20.50 and smiled back as I waited for my change.

“There you go: $10.05 in change. Have a good day.”  She smiled at me again. I smiled back.
She continued to smile. I stared back at her, I then looked down at the brightly colored box that lay between us on the counter and back at her once again. She continued smiling at me. She wasn’t getting it. I don’t know how she wasn’t getting it. I shouldn’t have had to tell her. But, I obviously did.
How could she not have understood what I was trying to tell her when I kept responding to her every dim-witted smile by glancing at that brightly coloured box that sat there between us on the counter, then glaring back at her? I had nothing with me other than my wallet. Where did she think I was going to put that box when I left the store?

I decided I had three options:
1. Keep playing the staring game with the dim-wit;
2. Come straight out and ask this woman if she illiterate and therefore unaware of what was in the colourful little box I had just purchased; or
3. Ask this woman if she knew how bloody annoying she was.

I didn’t go with any of the above. I took a deep breath and realized it was all pointless. This simpleton just didn’t get it.

So, I took a final look at my brightly coloured box of feminine products and said to her, “can I please have a bag?”

“Oh” she said looking confused, “plastic bags cost 5 cents.”

“That is okay,” I said smiling at her, “I think I can afford to splurge” and gave her back the $0.05.

Later & G’Night,

Mantha Baby