My skin still looks good. At the moment it remains free of wrinkles, sagging and age spots. Perhaps this is due to genetics or a combination of genetics and good living. Either way I’m glad for it. But, if I were to believe all the hype in magazines and on TV, I would have turned my bathroom into a mini-pharmacy of skin creams and lotions. In fact, I think I would have started a gift registry to help ‘turn back time’ after my 41st birthday.

A few weeks ago I was in the Dominican Republic where this skin of mine allowed me to happily ‘pass’ for a twenty-something-year old.

While my special friend and I were lying out in the sun slathered in SPF60 we got chatting with a few of the other guests at the resort. One afternoon a couple that we had become friendly with gently questioned our ages. “We don’t mean to be rude,” said the wife, “but how old are you two?” Our beach buddy and her husband explained that they were curious because we seemed very mature for people in their early twenties. They are in their late 60s. All I could say to our new friends was, “bless you!”

Later that day I was back on my beach chair after enjoying some playtime in the ocean. From behind my oversized sunglasses I decided to do a little people watching of the other guests on the beach. Soon my attention was drawn to one particular woman standing at the edge of the surf.

There stood this woman gracefully and gently bending down to scoop the wet sand into her palm which she then rubbed into the skin on her arms in small circular motions. Next she began to do the same to her thighs. She took her time with this natural defoliant and seemed oblivious to everyone around her. I was quite impressed. If I was a marketing guru for a skin care firm, I would have captioned this image with the words: “Handle with care…”

Then she took things to far. Once satisfied with the work she had done on her arms, legs and thighs, she turned her attention to elsewhere. Her once graceful circular motions turned a bit too aggressive as she was now paying attention to the skin the beneath her bikini bottom. I won’t bother going into details as it will bring up images I’d rather forget.

The experience made me realize that we all have different skin care regimes. Some regimes are handed down from one generation to another. Others are inspired by the genius of cosmetic firm marketing departments. And as for more inventive regimes….I will say no more…

Laters & G’Night,

Mantha Baby

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