After my last window shopping trip to a certain store I began to think back to past disappointments.  I also started feeling proud of how far I’ve come since those days.

You may notice that I specified my shopping trip as a ‘window’ shopping trip and that it was to a ‘certain’ store.  Now we all know that not all stores cater to all shapes, sizes and ages.  You can call it what you like, but it is, what it is.

There is a certain store out there that has beautiful adverts of its clothes.  If you can’t afford the price point they also have an outlet where they’ll give you their own cheaper version.  And if need be, you can visit one of its sister stores that each has its own price points and unique view point.

Now I have no issue with this store.  I love the styling of their clothes and the way they seem to entice you to take them off the hanger and spend some time in the change room.

In the past I’ve fallen for the store’s vision.  Yes, I have been seduced by a cute skirt, slinky dress and tailored pant on one occasion too many. Then like the clothes-floosy I was at that time, I let the clothes lead me into the change room.

Now ladies we all know what happens behind closed doors when we’re being seduced.  Uh-huh…I can almost see you all nodding your heads… First you slowly start working on the buttons or zippers keeping your clothes on.  Then when you look over at the ‘temptation’ on the hanger and you smile as you excitedly start pulling the rest of your clothes off a little too quickly knowing you’ll have to do a double-check before exiting the change room later on to make sure you’ve not left any tell-tale buttons behind on the floor or rips in your clothes.

Then suddenly you’re left there standing with nothing but the bare essentials covering your modesty before the disappointment sets in.  You know, you know what I’m talking about. The disappointment that nothing fits even though size on the label is right and should therefor fit right!

The bloody skirt you drooled over when you walked into the store barely has the decency to move itself beyond your mid-thigh no matter how much you tug, plead and wiggle.  Then the dress that you know will look “pow-pow” on you when you attend your next formal event has the nerve to refuse to climb itself down beyond your waist.

So, what do you do?  You stand there pouting and disappointed.  You start feeling confused because you tried on the exact same dress, skirt and pants at other stores and they all fit.  Why? What is going on?  Then you have the ‘ah-ha!’ moment and finally realize this size-phenomenon only happens at THIS store!

Yes. It took my some time too to come to this very true and real conclusion. THIS store does not cater to women who are built the way women are intended to be: hips and bottoms! Let me be clear: this is not a race issue. This is a GROWN-WOMAN issue.

No matter how big or small, this particular store does not accommodate any female shape that suggests the slightest curve at the hip or buttocks area of women.   So, if you back and backside aren’t a single flat surface and same applies to the area from your underarm to your mid-thigh, you are NOT going to find any clothes here.

You know, you know the store I’m talking about. Yet, you still keep going in hoping for a miracle that will make the vision you see on the hanger capable of bringing their seduction to a natural ending by beautifully caressing all your curves in just the right way.   Sadly, it never happens.   It becomes yet another disappointment in the dressing room.

Thankfully, I learned how to meet my needs at other stores and with other designers. I’m no longer teased by the promise of what is to come only to be left standing half-naked, frustrated and disappointed.  Instead, I now leave the store swing a bag with the smirk a very satisfied woman.


Mantha Baby