When I bought my house I was not one of those women obsessed with closet size. You know who I’m talking about:
“Honey, you take the hall closet near the front door and I think…I just think this walk in closet will be big enough for most of my clothes.” Camera two then zooms in for a tight shot of the Missus’ smug and phony smile. Poor husband stands beside her with a goofy grin that all of us 40+ women know translates into: “Woman! Who are you kidding! I am not putting myself into debt to house your discount shoe collection…” Cut to commercial.

I am not trying to be harsh. I simply have the mind of a grown-assed woman (you don’t actually need to be 40+ to have one). This mind says: quality over quantity when it comes to material things.  What does this mean?
We all know darned good and well that if you’re over 30 you have no business walking into Forever 21 for yourself! This isn’t a slight against that store. So, please, let your lips relax if they’re currently pursed at me as a sign of annoyance. We all know that if you’re grown, certain stores (like the one just named) do not tailor their clothes to us. They may do great knock-offs of grown-women styles, but the sizes, cut and quality of the fabrics are geared towards girls aspiring to become women. And that is okay for them.
Now, for us¸ as I mentioned we need quality over quantity. This doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up when it comes to your closet. It’s okay to throw in a trendy top or accessory into your wardrobe from Zara. Using this strategy helps keep you on trend and within your budget. I do it myself. Just don’t keep it all low. It will cost you a lot more money in the long wrong as you’ll need to constantly replace things. Also, a grown woman just can’t pull off that ‘look’.
Let me explain the exact ‘look’ failure I’m referring to. Today I was at the mall, minding my own business when my eyes glanced across a woman carrying my dream Louis Vuitton bag: Artsy MM.
This Louis Vuitton bag (which is on my vision board) has a price tag of $2490.00 CAD. Some women may find this amount to be insignificant or should I say affordable. Others will quickly calculate the price tag to be more than their monthly mortgage payment.
Now, I’m not going to tear this woman apart by going into particulars about her appearance. It was more likely the bag was a knock-off. However, I will say, that if she wanted to carry off a designer look obviously geared towards an adult woman, she shouldn’t have been wearing an outfit that obviously came from a 14 year old’s shopping spree! As a woman she should have embraced this truth: affordability often takes time. This in turn would have led to an appearance of quality.
Was I able to immediately afford to buy my house or last new car in cash? Nope. However, I have been able to afford them both by establishing a realistic and regular savings plan that placed both in my reach. I now own my car outright and ‘share’ ownership of my house with the bank via my mortgage.
That same Louis Vuitton Artsy MM bag is still on my vision. I have the date written down of when I will be buying this bag (not its inferior knock-off) in cash with the money I will have specifically saved for this purchase. I have also picked out the ultimate ‘high and low’ pairings for the outfit I plan to wear for our first outing together (that is me and Louis): killer heels, boyfriend jeans, hair on point and a simple white T from the GAP…
You know what comes next…
Laters & Good Night,
Mantha Baby